Season 1

Trade Winds

Centuries ago, the global economic order was inverted. Trade across the Indian Ocean set off conquest and exploration. Season 1 is set in the Indian Ocean World. 

Episode 5

A Saga of Indian Indentured Labour

When the British Empire abolished slavery in 1833, it found that African slaves would much rather not work on its colonial plantations — even for a salary. It found a new source of labourers in India.

Plants are more than medicine. They have driven exploration, empires and colonization. The transformation of plants has sometimes overthrown millennia of indigenous medical wisdom.

Clarke and his friends explore and excavate a shipwreck off Sri Lanka and find a treasure of Mughal-era silver coins. They attempt to piece together the history of the ship and its precious cargo. We journey with him and ask, to whom does found treasure belong? 

hiatus episode

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