Season 1, CHATROOM 6

You’re Being Tracked: Pandemic Capitalism

Disaster brings change. We discuss surveillance and public health during Covid-19. These days, it’s not only governments capturing raw data about us. A public health vacuum left by governments over decades is being filled by tech companies, which have stepped up surveillance, says Martin French, a sociologist and surveillance expert at the University of Concordia in Montreal.

Time Markers (mins: sec)

  • 00:09 – news clips
  • 1:23 – overview of episode
  • 3:23 – links between public health, epidemiology and surveillance
  • 4:16 – differences between surveillance and epidemiology
  • 6:00 – how do contact tracing apps work?
  • 8:33 – dangers of contact tracing apps
  • 8:50 – what is surveillance capitalism?
  • 12:08 – apps cement power by getting more people online
  • 14:07 – what is disaster capitalism?
  • 16:38 – disaster capitalism during COVID-19
  • 17:25 – lack of public health investment in India
  • 18:00 – links between surveillance and bias
  • 19:00 – epidemiology and its unintended consequences

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